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Indonesia Robusta

We work closely with the local people in the coffee producing areas and buy the green coffee materials directly from the farmers, producers, collectors and suppliers. In our factory we can process more than 35 different exportable qualities. We are able to cater for special client wishes. This includes creating qualities according to specific client requirements: a selected screen size with a chosen percentage of black and broken beans, foreign matters, Excelsa beans and a special percentage of moisture can be delivered without problem. Our main focus is to satisfy our clients with upgraded and special qualities.

Our facilities offer an area of around 11.000 m² while 5.000 m² is warehouse and production area. We have a warehouse capacity of 3.500 metric tons in a well situated industrial zone. The distance to the main business centre of Ho Chi Minh City is 15 km. Our factory is located between the Hanoi highway and the highway 13, were up to 98% of the exportable coffee is transported.

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We Provide Standard and Low Qualities, High Qualities, Custom Products and up to Screen 20.

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