Group Companies

Green coffee is the core of our operations. We look to service our clients with a unique level of service that draws on the strengths of the largest green coffee trading group in the world.

We are able to source coffees from anywhere within the Neumann Kaffee Gruppe to ensure that we optimize both price and service.

In combination with our office in Japan, Bero Coffee Japan, we work to source coffees for our clients in Asia and Oceania.

We had started purchasing washed Arabica coffee beans for our group from Yunnan Province in the 90s, when few people actually knew of coffee production in China.

Over the years, we had gained good knowledge in controlling the quality of the Chinese coffee. Bero Coffee Singapore has become a renowned buying agent among the Chinese exporters through years of good working relationships and understanding. Today, China has become one of the important coffee origins for many roasters due to its competitive coffee prices.

We are constantly looking to assist our sister companies in sourcing good quality coffees in the region where Neumann Kaffee Gruppe is not already present. By having good contacts and local knowledge, in combination with our quality expertise, we are able to add value to our sister companies.