Dedicated Specialty Desk

Although historically, Bero Coffee Singapore has been supplying Specialty Grade green coffee to bigger roasters, it was not 2015 where a full desk was set up in 2015 to formally service Specialty Coffee Roasters. With a dedicated team focusing on Specialty Coffee, we are able to tailor our services to specialty roasters small and large. In Asia, the Specialty Coffee Industry is somewhat still in it’s infancy stage, with exponential growth expected in this segment. Using our climate controlled warehouse in Singapore, we are able to create mixed containers or mixed pallets of multiple origins to distribute coffee across Asia.

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Specialty Coffee Service

Door to door – Outside of Singapore

Being both producing and consuming region, Specialty Roasters in Asia face a unique challenge in importing green coffee. We are constantly embarking on new projects and partnership to import green coffee into countries in Asia on behalf of Specialty Roasters. As part of our service, we have established satellite partnerships and offices in phases to enter into these markets. The idea in a nutshell : Let us handle the headaches and risks with destination countries. You focus on what you do best!

Importing Green Coffee

Asian countries have some of the most complex green coffee importing requirements in the world. This is before high tariffs and taxes and the fact the the consignee (roaster or wholesaler) needs to jump through bureaucratic hoops in order to obtain permits to ship in and safely receive non-domestic green coffee in his warehouse. The Specialty team in Singapore is dedicated to ensuring that all the risks and heartaches are (as much as possible) not be felt by the roasters. Since the establishment of the desk, we have been embarking on importing projects in phases in multiple countries as nodes to the Singapore office. If you do not see your destination countries in our project list, fret not. Reach out to us and we will do our best to work things out!

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Consolidated Shipments

Service Countries

  • Vietnam

  • Philippines

  • Indonesia (In Progress)

  • Taiwan (In Progress)

  • Thailand (In Progress)

  • Prices All-Inclusive

  • Freight Cost-Saving

  • Designed for Micro-Roasters

  • Fresh Shipments Assured

  • Quarterly Shipments

  • Best For Limited Edition Coffees

  • Optional Local Deliveries

  • Shipped from SG A/C Warehouse