Our Mission

Established in 1992, Bero Coffee Singapore represents Neumann Kaffee Gruppe’s operations in Southeast Asia and China. The countries in the region are some of the fastest growing and most dynamic coffee markets in the world. With the interests of roasters, traders and exporters in virtually every coffee producing country, we are able to provide some of the best coffee market information and one of the broadest ranges of coffee products and services available to our partners. Asia is continually evolving and changing. As a dynamic company in a highly cost conscious environment we have to evolve and change as well. Consequently our company today is very lean and cost efficient whilst at the same time providing the services that our clients expect from us.

Our aim is to focus on providing our customers with value in their coffee purchase. With a local presence based in Singapore, Bero Coffee Singapore has the local and regional skills and knowledge that give it an edge in servicing its partners. Bero Coffee Singapore distinguishes itself in the market through quality and service. We focus on our clients‘ needs and continuously provide good support and services.

We know that the client’s trust and confidence is the key for successful business. Thus, we are committed to work on developing long-term relationships with our clients by having continuous communications, exchanging knowledge, providing good support and understanding our clients‘ needs.

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Corporate Responsibilities

Sustainability Programmes

Moral Principles

Bero Coffee Singapore shares the same values as our NKG Group – governing principles in conducting business – from safe and fair work practices to protecting livelihood of producers and the global climate.

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The Team

Commercial Desk

Being the core of the business in Singapore, the Commercial Team is able to offer insight, strategies and reports on the coffee market. Dedicated teams allow us to have unique view on the commodities market in both Arabica and Robusta. Apart from offering our clients valuable information, Bero Coffee Singapore also acts as a hub and headquarters for our export operations and sourcing agency in Vietnam, Indonesia and China.

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Specialty & Quality Desk

We have a dedicated team of passionate individuals which oversees our clients‘ needs and requirements in the Specialty Coffee Industry. We supply specialty grade coffees – from microlots to signature origin blends – across Asia. With a state of the art laboratory and cupping facility located within our office compounds, we offer unparalleled quality control for green coffee of all origins and types.

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Logistics & Warehouse

The logistics team constantly push themselves to broaden their knowledge on the ins and outs of the trade. Swapping their focused origins and clients destinations from quarter to quarter, each member is equipped with technical know-hows on exports and imports of coffee. They also oversee the operations and movements of our 24/7 climate controlled warehouse.

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Finance, Risk & Admin

The finance and risk team is responsible for the security of funds, risk analysis and credit assessments. Their function is to protect the financial interests for our partners and us.

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