Common Questions

These are the most common questions that we get. We have lined them up for you so that it can make your green coffee sourcing simpler.

What is the minimum order?2020-06-18T11:15:31+02:00

Traditionally,  we do not impose a minimum order in order to provide full flexibility for you as a coffee roaster. However, we do recommend that you fill up a pallet to fully stretch the shipping costs if you are located outside of Singapore. The shipping costs are charged in pallet sizes. We ship our coffees on 1.2m by 1.0m wooden heat treated pallets and is able to accommodate up to 10 bags of 60 to 70 kilogram bags each. The loaded pallets are then strapped with PP straps and wrapped with shrink wraps to provide additional security to avoid any accidental toppling during transit.

I am not familiar with shipping. How can I ensure that my shipment reaches my roastery safely?2020-06-18T11:14:21+02:00

We sell our coffee based on Incoterms 2020. This is to have a clear breakdown on the responsibilities of the seller and buyer to ensure that the shipment is well received. If you are based outside of Singapore, Vietnam or Philippines, we are able to arrange direct door to door shipment as we have local partners on the ground overseeing the movement of the coffee for you. If you are based outside of these countries, you will need to appoint a freight forwarding company. Once you have appointed one, send us their contact details and we will liaise with them directly.

Don’t worry! We will guide you along from the start to finish!

How do I place an order?2020-06-18T11:06:21+02:00

Firstly, we will need to register your account in our system before we can proceed with any documentations. You can find the sign up -form here. Once you have submitted the online form, a trader will be allocated to you and reach out on your preferred communication platform. Once all the administrative procedures are complete, you can place your orders with your trader directly. We will handle the rest. As simple as that!

How do I make payment? Can I request for a credit term?2020-06-18T11:03:21+02:00

We accept payment via telegraphic transfer or cheque. Currently, we accept payment in United States Dollars, Singapore Dollars and Vietnam Dong. If you are operating your business in Singapore, we accept payments via paynow. The details of our bank account will be sent to you together with the Invoice.

We can only put up your credit terms request approval once you have had a minimum of three successful shipments with us.

How do I know how many days of free time is granted for my shipment?2020-10-22T09:26:08+02:00

Different shipment have different free time granted. Check with your appointed Trader/Logistics personnel.

How do I check my shipment schedule if I only have BL number?2020-10-22T09:22:59+02:00

You can go to shipping line’s website to check. We will forward you a scanned copy of the BL with details stated.

Can I request to receive cargo earlier than contract shipment period?2020-10-22T09:24:22+02:00

Yes, subject to approval and early request.

Can I request to issue Seaway bill instead of original BL?2020-10-22T09:23:19+02:00

Yes, subject to approval.

Can I request to book vessel as per my schedule?2020-10-22T09:25:11+02:00

Yes, subject to vessel space availability and early request.

Can I request samples before I commit to an order?2020-06-13T10:49:22+02:00

Yes you can. In fact, we encourage it! We do not charge for samples or courier fees, but we seek your understanding to keep the number of samples per parcel dispatch to a maximum of 5 types. This will make follows up easier and enable us to maintain a no-charges-for-samples service in the long run. We provide a maximum of 350gm of green coffee samples per type, double-bagged in clear zip-lock bags with a label stating the origin, coffee type, post-harvest processing method and our reference number for easy reference.

We believe that freshly roasted coffee is able to show the true character of the representative sample, however, we are also able to accommodate to roasters who do not have easy access to a sample roaster. Our roasting profile will be strictly kept to our internal standard operating roasting procedure to ensure that the origin and type of coffees are the only changing parameters per cupping. The maximum amount of roasted samples that we can provide is 100gms, packed and sealed in bags with a one-way valve, labelled with origin, coffee type, post-harvest processing method, our reference number and roast date. We roast our samples for dispatch using a Probat drum sample roaster.

Can I request for additional free time at discharge port?2020-10-22T09:26:47+02:00

Yes, subject to shipping line’s approval and agreement of additional cost incurred.

Can I order just a few kilograms of green coffee?2020-06-18T10:52:50+02:00

For now, our minimum order is a full bag of coffee per type, ranging from 30kg to 75kg per bag. Plans for selling green coffee in 1-2kg bags are in the pipeline and the sales will be through our online platform.

Can I mix different origins in one shipment?2020-06-13T10:37:14+02:00

Yes! We encourage you to fill up the pallet as much as you can with volume and variety to take advantage of each shipment. The coffees will be shipped from our climate-controlled warehouse in Singapore.

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