Yes you can. In fact, we encourage it! We do not charge for samples or courier fees, but we seek your understanding to keep the number of samples per parcel dispatch to a maximum of 5 types. This will make follows up easier and enable us to maintain a no-charges-for-samples service in the long run. We provide a maximum of 350gm of green coffee samples per type, double-bagged in clear zip-lock bags with a label stating the origin, coffee type, post-harvest processing method and our reference number for easy reference.

We believe that freshly roasted coffee is able to show the true character of the representative sample, however, we are also able to accommodate to roasters who do not have easy access to a sample roaster. Our roasting profile will be strictly kept to our internal standard operating roasting procedure to ensure that the origin and type of coffees are the only changing parameters per cupping. The maximum amount of roasted samples that we can provide is 100gms, packed and sealed in bags with a one-way valve, labelled with origin, coffee type, post-harvest processing method, our reference number and roast date. We roast our samples for dispatch using a Probat drum sample roaster.